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CPVC Electric Tube
CPVC Electric Tube
Our products that have been made from PVC-C resin feature for high strength, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, good insulation performance, pollution-free, anti-aging, light weight, convenient construction and others. The performance indicators that were tested, identified and authenticated by national and provincial institutes certify that our products have already reached or exceeded the level of similar products in our country. As a result, our products are much better than traditional asbestos cable drainage pipe or ordinary PVC pipe, being ideal substitutes for traditional electric cable sheathing.
Material Property
Widely used for construction and reconstruction of urban power grid, urban municipal reconstruction projects, construction of Civil Aviation Airport Engineering, construction of residence communities, construction of traffic and bridge engineering and laying cables for city street lamps. Moreover, products can play the role of guidance and protection.
Product Property
1、Material Property
CPVC electric tube is mainly made from PVC-C resin because of its excellent heat resistance and insulation performance. CPVC products is currently recognized as green environment-friendly products. Its excellent physical and chemical properties are getting more and more attention from this industry.
CPVC electric tube is hard and straight, whose inner and outer walls are smooth and flat. The color is orange-red which is bright and shiny.
2、Heat Resistance
CPVC electric tube is better than UPVC double wall corrugated pipe with a 15℃ more heat resistance, being able to stay in shape and have enough strength under the high temperature of 93℃ or above.
3、Insulation Performance
CPVC electric tube is able to withstand 30,000 volts and above.
4、Compression Performance
CPVC electric tube that is made from modified materials has a better ring stiffness up to 10 kpa, more than the 8kpa of ring stiffness that buried plastic pipe has as some national authorities require.
5、High Resistance Impact Strength
CPVC electric tube can withstand 1kg of force impact in weight and 2m in height under the temperature of 0℃. It approves that this material’s high resistance impact strength under low temperature is fully applicable to the requirements for the construction environment.
6、Flame Retardant Performance
Both PVC and PVC-C materials have good flame retardant performances, so fire can be put out immediately once being away fire point. Thanks to the chlorine content higher than that of PVC, PVC-C materials have obviously better flame retardant and smoke density index.
7、Installation Performance
CPVC electric tube features for light weight and high strength and being easy to be used in construction, namely night digging and backfilling doesn’t affect the traffic on the next day. The inserting type links via elastic sealing rubber rings make installation more convenient, achieve better sealing result, preventing underwater leakage and effectively protecting the safety of electric cables.
8、Long Service Life
CPVC electric tube has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance and its service life can be up to more than 50 years.