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MPP Electric Tube
MPP Electric Tube
MPP electric tube (also called MPP power cable protecting tube or MPP cable protecting tube) has two types, e.g. excavation type and non excavation type. The non excavation MPP electric tube is also called MPP jacking pipe or dragging pipe.
MPP electric tube is made from modified polypropylene which is suitable for construction not requiring a large amount of dredging and excavation and pavement damages, and also roads, railways, structures and under-river constructions that require specially laid pipelines and cables. Compared to the traditional way called Digging Groove and Burying Tube method, the non excavation MPP electric tube is more applicable to the present environmental acquirements, avoiding from the occurance of dusty roads and traffic jam that may disturb residents. This technique can also be used for constructions in some special places like historical sites, downtown area, crop protection area, expressway, river and etc.
It is applicable for the high voltage above 10KV transmission line and cable pipeline material because of its features for high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance.
MPP tube divided into two types, i. e. ordinary type and strengthen type as per wall thickness ranging from 110mm to 250mm. The ordinary type is more applicable for excavation laying construction and the non excavation crossing construction with the buried depth below 4M, while over 4M, the strengthen type is more applicable. This product has passed the detection of the National Chemical Building Material Test Center, and achieved good social benefit and economic.
MPP Electric Tube’s Scope of Application
MPP electric tube is widely used in pipeline works, such as municipal engineering, telecommunications, electricity, gas, tap water and heating system.
MPP electric tube is used in non excavation horizontal directional drilling electric drainage engineering in urban or rural area and open excavation electric drainage engineering.
MPP electric tube is used in non excavation horizontal directional drilling electric sewage discharge engineering and industrial wastewater discharge project.
MPP Electric Tube’s Advantages
1. MPP electric tube has excellent electrical insulation property.
2.MPP electric tube has high thermal deformation temperature resistence and low temperature impact property.
3.MPP electric tube is better than HDPE in tensile and compressive properties.
4.MPP electric tube features for light weight, smooth surface, small friction force, and easy to weld through heat.
5.MPP electric tube’s normal temperature ranges from 5 to 70℃.
6.During the process of transportation and construction, any actions of tossing, striking, scratching or exposure are strictly prohibited.
During the welding process, the axis of two tubes need to be aligned and the face cutting should be vertical.
The processing temperature, time and pressure of the MPP electric tube should be adjusted to the weather conditions.
The minimum bending radius of the MPP electric tube shall be not less than 75 outside diameter of pipe.