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PE Double-wall Corrugated Pipe
PE Double-wall Corrugated Pipe
PE double-wall corrugated pipe is mainly made from polyethylene via extrusion process and special moulding process. The inner wall is very smooth while the outer wall is corrugated. It’s a new type of light-weighted wall pipe.
This product was developed and manufactured in Germany in the early 1980’s for the first time and has developed from a single species to complete products series after a decade of development and improvement. At present, its production process and technology are pretty mature. Because of its excellent performance and relatively economical cost, it has been greatly popularized and applied in Europe and other developed countries. In our country, the promotion and application of PE double wall corrugated pipe is in the rising phase. The product has already tested by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center, and the results showed that various technical indicators reached application standard.
PE double-wall corrugated pipe has the advantages of light weight, high pressure resistance, good toughness, high speed during construction and long service life. Other than the good corrosion resistance and high insulation, smooth inner wall, small flow resistance and other characteristics of the ordinary plastic pipe, it also have excellent ring stiffness, good strength and toughness, light weight, strong impact resistance and would be difficult to be damaged because of the use of a special ring hollow structure. At present, it has been widely used in many fields in the developed countries, especially the United States, Canada, Japan and many European countries. PE double-wall corrugated tube is also widely used in municipal drainage and sewage, agricultural irrigation, mine ventilation, chemical industries, communication cable sheathing and other fields. Practice has proved that under the condition of meeting the requirements of strength and stiffness for the engineering application, the double-wall corrugated pipe structure can save 30% - 50% of raw materials. In addition, compared with the concrete pipe, cast iron pipe, it has the advantages of convenient transportation and installation, reducing labor intensity of construction personnel and reducing the total investment of the project and other advantages. PE double-wall corrugated tube has become the first choice of "plastic steel” pipeline industry. It overcomes the shortcomings of the concrete pipe and cast iron pipe, which are difficult installment, easy corrosion, large water flow resistance, easy breeding of bacteria, short service life and other shortcomings.
Product Technical Features
1.Unique structure, high strength, high impact resistance.
2.Smooth inner wall, large frictional resistance and overflowing.
3. Convenient to connect, perfect sealing joints, no leakage.
4.Light weight, fast construction, low cost.
5.The buried underground service life is more than fifty years.
6.Polyethylene belongs to hydrocarbon polymer and features for molecular polarity, resisted to acid and alkali corrosion.
7.Raw materials are green free-environmental material, non-toxic, non corrosive, non fouling, free to recycle and reuse.
8Wide application temperature, does not break under -10℃ environment, the maximum temperature of the transmission medium is 40℃.
9The general cost is basically as concrete, and the cost for operating is low as well.
Application Range
No need for foundation under good soil condition.
Mine, building drainage, ventilation pipeline;
Municipal Engineering, underground water drainage for residence community , sewage pipeline;
Water irrigation and drainage on farmlands; sewage treatment plant and landfill drainage pipeline;
Chemical ventilation pipeline and delivery pipeline for chemical industry and mine mountain;
The whole process of the pipeline inspection well; the expressway pipeline
High voltage cable, telecommunication cable protective sleeve pipeline, etc.
Technical Index
The products are produced according to the requirements of GB/T19472.1-2004 "Buried Polyethylene (PE) Pipe Wall Structure System”. The ring stiffness of PE double-wall corrugated pipe mainly is SN4 and SN8 grade product. The general color is black which also can be discussed by both sides of the supply and demand. The diameter of the pipe is DN22 [1] 5-DN1200. The normal length of the pipe is 6M.