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PVC Electrical Casing
PVC Electrical Casing
PVC (short for Polyvinylchlorid), along with other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility and other property.Insulated PVC electrical casing is used to protect and secure the wire or cable wiring pipeline in the building electrical installation engineering which allows penetration and replacement of the wire or cable.
Execution Standard for Insulated PVC Electrical Casing
Insulated electrical casing and fittings for construction JG3050-1998
Generally to say, white color is the first choice. If in need, various colors are for option.
Performance of Electrical Casing
The casing appearance need to be proceeded according to the relevant standards.
Electrical Casing Property
Length: normally 4 meters, a bundle is 100 meters which also can be negotiated based on users’ requirements.
Product Models: Light Model, Medium Model and Heavy Model
Product Specifications: D16, D20 and D25, D32, D40, d50
Electrical Casing Pipeline System
The inner and outer walls are so smooth that the threading construction is easy and convenient.
Using high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials and optimized formulation, to guarantee the performance of the product .
1. This product has good insulation performance and is even suitable for 25 thousand volts.
2. This product has good flame retardant performance and no fire may exist after being away from fire source.
3. This product is anti-acid, anti-alkali, moistureproof, mouldproof, plasticizer-free, pest and mouse free and has long service life.
4. This product has high strength and good toughness and is heating free under room temperature and suitable for bending processing at construction site.