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Glass-Steel Electric Tube
Glass-Steel Electric Tube
Glass-Steel Electric Tube is also called glass-fiber reinforced plastic pipe. It uses glass fiber as reinforcing material and is molded with unsaturated resin. It is divided into three categories, namely low alkali, middle alkali and high alkali pipe. We could tell the quality of the tube by testing the content of alkali. The glass-steel electric tube feature for strong pressure resistance, light weight, smooth inner wall, small friction coefficient, easy to wear through the cable without any damage. During the underground construction of the electric cable and communication cable, the glass-steel electric tube is the protective device for the cable under external pressure or collision power.
Applicable Scope of Glass-steel Electric Tube
It is widely used in power cable engineering, construction of power transmission, transformation engineering, communication and optical fiber cable engineering, cable protection project across the sea and the river, cable engineering for airport, road, bridge and idustrial park, underground of municipal construction cable engineering; which can also be used for civil and industrial water supply, sewage disposal engineering and etc.
Product Property for Glass-steel Electric Tube
1.This product has advantages of high corrosion resistance and good insulation performance, non-magnetic, high acid and alkali resistance and resistance type antistatic.
2.This product has advantages of good water resistance and can be used in a wet environment or underwater for a long time without deterioration.
3.Due to the specific properties of glass-steel materials, the service life of glass-steel pipe is more than 50 years.
4.It’s convenient for construction. Its advantages in repairing make it be the most ideal protective device for the power cable engineering, communication cable engineering, municipal engineering and road’s underground laying cable construction.
5.The glass-steel tube cable is more appropriate and convenient for projects over rivers and bridges.
Remarks of Glass-steel Electric Tube
Glass-steel electric tube’s marking: DBJ, DBJJ or DBS, in which D represents cable conduit, B represents glass fibre, J and JJ represents mechanical winding process and S represents manual winding process.
Nominal Diameter
Nominal Wall Thickness
Nominal Length
Product Grade
ring stiffness(5%)
SN25 SN50 SN100
Type of Raw Materials: non-alkali glass fiber is denoted by E, while middle-alkali glass fiber is denoted by C.
1.Better than metal-steel pipes and cement pipes in transportation. It is easy for construction and may save lots of time and labor.
2.Glass-Steel Electric Tube becomes the best substitute for PVC corrugated plastic pipe due to its performance on anti-aging and better impact force.
Glass-steel Electric Tube has good elastic modulus, being better than metal tube which is perishable and lack of torsion elasticity and plastic tube which is easy to get aging and has poor impact resistance.
4.Glass-steel Electric Tube which is non-magnetic solves the problem that the cable may get heating or damaged by eddy current made by steel tube.
5.Glass-Steel Electric Tube is better than concrete pipe which is hard for construction and has less efficiency.