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Square-Circle Electricity Channel
Square-Circle Electricity Channel
(Patent No. ZL 2015 2 0103697.5)
The cable protective tubes that are sold on the market such as asbestos cement pipe, glass steel tube, CPVC pipe and MPP pipe are round in shape, so torus shall be used for linkage when being used for construction of electricity channel. Such construction method requires larger space and more labors and time. Multi-layer torus may cause hanging of pipes, so pipes after being buried may be transformed, damaged and even misplaced. To avoid from above accidents, a new type patent product is manufactured. This is Squre-Circle Electricity Channel
Squire-circle Power Cable has two tubes, namely a circle one inside and a square one outside. The two tubes are overlay and connected and strengthened by a reinforced rib at four ends. The circle tube is easy for threading because of no angles, low friction and less resistance; while the square tube with four fillets cancels problems that may arise from tube suspending due to a variety of circle tubes’ overlaying. When construction, it is space and labor costs saving, compact in structure, convenient for installation. After the installation, it is uneasy to be shacked or rolled and has good position-fixing. The protection from duel tubes increases tubes’ strength in multiple. The double-layer reinforced structure increases stress tolerance heavily. After being inspected by Shenyang Products Inspection Institute, the product’s stress tolerance is increased by 2/3. This product is suitable for telecommunication cables, water supply and drainage pipelines.
This tube is made from PVC that has good tensile, bending, compressive and shock strength. Besides those, PVC has good electric insulation performance and good chemical stability, which can be used for low frequency insulation. The PVC which most features for flame retardance can be widely used for fire control and suitable for various constructions.
Square-Circle Power Cable is specially suitable for synthesis pipe gallery. In 2015, Chinese Premier Keqiang LI stressed to promote the construction of urban underground synthesis pipe gallery on the executive meeting of the State Council, which brings great opportunities and market prospects to this product.
Because of no use of tube torus, the square-circle power cable is easy for installation, what’s more, is labor saving, space saving and cost saving. As a result, construction efficiency can be highly improved, so as to engineering quality. Engineering cost can be decreased. As a kind of new type cable protection product, it is better than others and can be widely used in future constructions.