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Farm Irrigation Use Tube
Farm Irrigation Use Tube
Farm Irrigation Use Tube, also called water irrigation tube which is made from PVC resin powder and added with some agents. is molded via mixing, extruding, sizing, cutting and expanding procedures
Product Characteristics
1. This product has small flow resistance and its roughness factor is 0.008-0.009. Its water-carrying capacity is better than that of cast iron pipe by 20% and that of concrete pipe by 40%.
2. High tensile strength. The tensile strength shall not be less than 45MPA when 23℃.
3. Good pressure resistance. No cracking when being bent to 1/2 of outer diameter. The product has good mechanical property.
4. Light weight and easy to be conveyed. If in same size and same length, PVC-U tube is only 1/5 of steel casting pipe in weight and 1/2 of concrete pipe and 1/4 of ductile cast iron pipe.
5. The product is non-toxic and won’t produce secondary pollution to water. When under stable temperature and pressure, its service life won’t be less than 50 years.
Standard Category for Farm Irrigation
Category I: water farming, such as rice. Irrigation amount is 800m3 every Mu annually. [1]
Category II: dry farming, such as wheat, corn, cotton, etc. Irrigation amount is 300m3 every Mu annually.
Category III: vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, leeks, Onions, cabbage and etc. Irrigation amount varies from different vegetable categories. Generally to say, 200~500m3 every Mu annually.
Product Specifications
Caliber:75mm 90mm 110mm 125mm 140mm 160mm 180mm 200mm 250mm 280mm 315,mm
Application Fields
This product is mainly applied to urban and rurual indoor & outdoor water supply, rural water improving, farmland irrigation, bittern transportation of salt and chemicals industry, water supply of breeding industry, mine-use ventilation and water supply and drainage, landscaping and spreying.