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N-HAP is a new type anti-corrosion steel material after one-time fluidized bed impregnation process, being substitute for plastic-coated steel tube or static spray pipe (via physical advanced treatment process).
This technology makes the binding force between coating and pipe up to the maximum, namely 50-70kg/cm2, and further ensures a sustainable force even in a long term. The thickness of coating is about 300mu being beyond the result that spraying technology can achieve. So N-HAP is better than similar products at home in anti-corrosion.
N-HAP is a new type steel-plastic pipe after a series of treatment on common steel pipe. High polymer materials are selected as per different medium and working conditions. Its plastic coating is uniform, fine and smooth after plasticizing and solidification by a special equipment. In fact, it integrates supereme mechnical performance that steel material features for and anti-chemical corrosion that high polymer materials feature for.
Purpose of N-HAP
N-HAP is made of high quality steel materials with high mechanical strength and good resistance to pressure and satisifed electric insulation performance. Its inner and outer surface is hard and smooth. Besides those, N-HAP features for small friction coefficient, good fire resistance and lower water absorption (less than 0.003%), high adaptability for a large range of temperature (―40℃~120℃). Because of combined advantages of high qualtiy steel pipe and nano coating, N-HAP is widely applied to power, telecommunication, traffic, municipal affiars, mine and petro-chemical industries.
Technical Parameters
No. Item Unit Technical Parameters Technical Standard
1 Flame Retardant Coefficient ≤0.02 DL/T802-2002
2 Inner Wall’s Sliding Friction Coefficient ≤0.30 GB/T3960-1983
3 Tensile Strength MPa ≥560 DL/T802-2002
4 Compressive Strength MPa ≥410 DL/T802-2002
5 Coefficient of Linear Expansion 10-6/K 12 DL/T802-2002
6 Heat Distortion Temperature DL/T802-2002
7 Oxygen Index DL/T802-2002
8 Withstanding Voltage KV Power Frequency Withstand Voltage14KV/ mm

Impulse Withstand Voltage30.4 KV/ mm
Industrial Standard

Features of N-HAP
1. N-HAP’s superior anti-static function: the antistatic agent that has been added into the formula can make N-HAP’s surface resistance, both inside and outside, reach ≤1×10?Ω, being up to national and industrial standards.
2. N-HAP’s flame retardant property: N-HAP has been added with flame retardant, so its flame retardant property is up to natioanl standards. Its steel-plastics complex strcuture makes its flame retardant property better than other plastic pipes and makes N-HAP more suitable for flammable and explosive places.
3. N-HAP’s adhesive force of coatings: the tube surface has been treated specially, thus its coating’s adhesive force can be ≥30N/10mm.
4. Inner and outer resin layer: the coating’s thickness is over 0.5 mm and no needle holes exist. So N-HAP has better corrosion resistance.
5. N-HAP’s good mechanical properties: N-HAP is suitable for hard conditions for better coating layer and higher mechanical properties and good bearing capacity against outside forces. So N-HAP is better than other mine-use plastic pipes in performance.
6. N-HAP has the character of corrosion resistance and no-scale and less hydraulic resistance, so it is specially suitable to deliver high sulfur water and the water containing calcium and magnesium ion. Besides those, N-HAP features for cost saving, longer service life and better integrated benefits.
7. Self-lubricating property: N-HAP’s inner wall is rather smooth, so no-scale and less transporting resistance exist. Under the same condition, its delivery capacity can be increased by 30%.
8. Convenient and Reliable for Installation: N-HAP thoroughly overcomes shortcomings of difficult linkage of pure plastic mine-use pipes. N-HAP can be easily connected to underground steel pipes and valves via flanges and quick coupling.
Applicable Scope
N-HAP is suitable for coal mine gas drainage, ventilation, fire-control-use water supply, air-conditioning HVAC recycled water pipelines, industrial waste water supply & drainage, life water supply & drainage, delivery of gas and others, electric power supply, transmission pipeline of chemicals and sea water delivery.