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PE Carbon Spiral Pipe
PE Carbon Spiral Pipe
PE Buried Carbon Spiral Pipe for Telecommunication Casing is mainly made from HDPE and extrude via adding carbon and PE modified color masterbatch. This product is mainly used as buried castin for urban telecommunication lines. Because of smooth inner wall with spiral structure is better than plain wall pipe in deduction of friction to wire cables, dropping 60% in direct coefficient of friction. Its unique inner wall with spiral structure brings wires and cables satisified space for ventilation and heat dissipation, thus effectively prolonging the service life of wires and cables, reducing maintenance cost. It is really the best choice for power and telecommunication departments.
PE Buried Carbon Spiral Pipe for Telecommunication Casing has advantages of high impact toughness, corrosion resistance and anti-seismic property and strong adaptive capacity against the change of surface subsidence. This product is single-wall internal and external spirial structure and has been well packed, thus pipe length can be effectively up to 50m-200m. Because of a steel wire contained for wire pulling, it is convenient for construction. An examination hall has been set by every 50m to 200m as per different diameters. Such non-joint construction can ensure no leakage of pipes and the safety of guide cables, hence reduce maintenance costs.
PE Buried Carbon Spiral Pipe for Telecommunication Casing better solves the problems that telecommunication authorites are puzzled all the time such as complexity and danger of operation, easily being stolen, higher maintenance cost and etc. So this product is environemnt-friendly and safe.
Introduction to Application Advantages
The φ50-φ200 PE Buried Carbon Spiral Pipe can be packed, and φ50-φ85 pipe has no joints within 200m, φ100-φ125 within 100m and φ150-φ200 within 50m. Depending on special art, PE Carbon Spiral Pipe has one pulling wire inside which is the same long as the pipe, which can reduce the quantity of examiantion wells and reduce construction costs as well. The decrement of examination wells and unsafe road factors may beautify urban roads and surrounding environment.
PE Carbon Spiral Pipe has sufficient intensity and good shrinkage ratio depending to unique inner wall with spirial structure, besides good adaptability against uneven ground surface subsidence and satisifed safety coefficient of wiring. Compared with plain wall pipe, PE Carbon Spiral Pipe can effeciently reduce its friction coefficient, thus favoring construction and protective wires.
Double-wall corrugated pipe is 6 meters long. When using it, trenches shall be maintained and sand bedded as well. No joints are needed. PE Carbon Spiral Pipe is rather suitable for complex terrain, benefiting the improvement of working efficiency and reduction of construction costs.