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Electron Tube for Telecommunication
Electron Tube for Telecommunication
PE tube for telecommunication use is a kind of extruding tube mainly made from high quality polyethylene resin and added with necessary auxiliaries.
Characteristics of Products
1. PE tube for telecommunication use is made from high-powered polyethylene materials and features for tensile resistance, compression resistance, shock resistance and corrosion resistance.
2. Its inner wall is smooth and convenient for threading.
3. It is suitable to separate extra cables in a huge pipe and convenient for threading and sorting.
4. PE tube is packed and rolled with longer pipe segment and less joints, being convenient for installation.
5. There are a variety of colors for option and various needes can be met.
Purpose of Products
This product is mainly used for protection of fibre cables used for high speed road and posts and telecommunications engineering, being able to be adjusted as per time, pressure and climates.
The pipe’s minimum bending radius shall be larger or equal to the external diameter of 75 pipe.